🤝BALIHT partners were in Madrid 🇪🇸 to hold the 6th General Assembly of the project!

📋We discussed the last steps remaining before the installation and testing of our #redoxflowbattery in #Ibiza harbour in the coming months 🔋☀️

👏 ¡Gracias a #GRUPOCOBRA por la acogida!

I will give an invited talk on the results from the collaborative SONAR project at the 10th International Conference on Advanced Materials & Nanotechnology in Rotorua, New Zealand from February 7-10, 2023.

Cover Feature for our new viologen-based organic #redoxflowbattery! 🧪⚡️A collaboration with Carlo Caianiello, Prof. T. Turek and Prof. R. Wilhelm. Clausthal University of Technology. #ElectroChemistry @TUC_research 📚 Download the Open Access paper at

Absolutely enjoyed this recent article from the group of prof. Melanie Sanford. It is written like an exciting story about human thinking!
#RedoxFlowBattery #ChemMater.

#Perfluorinatedionicmembranes for #redoxflowbattery:
Introduce a special: sulfonated graphene material in the process of casting #membrane.
The strength, moisturizing performance and vanadium blocking performance of the ion exchange membrane are improved.

#First #paper of #SpecialIssue @batteriesmdpi

Enhanced #SurfaceArea #CarbonCathodes for the #Hydrogen–Bromine #RedoxFlowBattery

by David P. Trudgeon and Xiaohong Li at University of Exeter


Thank you very much for your contribution!

Cheers to the organizers of the Winter School of the Nordic Flow Battery Network. ❄️Clausthal University of Technology contributed two presentations: Carlo Caianiello & Henry Fischer on organic- & iron-based flow batteries. ⚡️ #redoxflowbattery #ElectroChemistry @TUC_research

Happy to share our work on synthesizing a tri-viologen-based anolyte molecule for aqueous #RedoxFlowBattery in #JournalofEnergyChemistry. This molecule has a high energy density and an excellent water solubility of 4M in water and 2.4 M in 2M NaCl solution

Congratulations to Prof. Carlos Ponce de León, Chair Elect of Division 5 of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE). A deserved recognition of his outstanding career. #ElectroChemistry #redoxflowbattery @unisouthampton

🗞️Our #H2020 project is developing specific graphite-filled bipolar plates for our #redoxflowbattery 🔋

What’s so special about them? They are suitable to work under high-temperature operation ☀️🌡️

Find out more with our partners from @SCHUNK_HQ ⬇️

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