New Paper! – Techno-Economic Optimization of Flow Batteries Using the Optimization Potential to Prioritize Different Optimization Possibilities

Gerlach et al 2023

In order to achieve a successful broad market entry of redox flow batteries, not only the technical performance but also the economic efficiency of the system is important. Known flow batteries must therefore be optimized techno-economically for specific applications. Not every technically possible improvement has the same positive influence on the economically relevant performance or energy-related specific costs. With the help of an optimization potential as a value, prioritizations of the optimization approaches possible in concrete cases can be obtained. Extensive comparative measurements on redox flow batteries based on vanadium and on methyl viologen and TEMPO served to establish a data basis for all input values for the model presented here. The data came from measurements of laboratory batteries, since only from these real numerical values for the costs could be obtained. The theoretical model developed in this way can be used as a profound basis in other investigations with e.g. industrial batteries in order to be able to carry out goal-oriented optimization and more realistic comparisons.

You can access the whole paper here:


Course offer “Fundamentals and Design of Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems”

UNSW - Fundamentals and Design of Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems

In August, we will offer the course “Fundamentals and Design of Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems” in term 2C for the first time. The course lasts four weeks and includes a practical training to learn more about the functioning of different storage systems, especially for the future market of stationary storage systems for renewable energy. Enrolment is now open for all UNSW students:

CENELEST attends Smart Energy Expo 2023

Smart Energy 2023

CENELEST will attend the Smart Energy Expo 2023 in Sydney / Australia with a booth between 3 -4 th May 2023 at the ICC.

Smart Energy 2023 will be the 61st annual conference & exhibition for the Smart Energy Council.

Smart Energy 2023 provides the entire renewables industry the opportunity to come together; manufacturers, distributors, project developers, financiers and many more.