Joint workshop of COMPBAT and SONAR in Brussels

On June 27, 2022, the two sister projects COMPBAT and SONAR hosted a joint workshop on Modeling and Simulation in Brussels as part of the annual International Flow Battery Forum (IFBF). COMPBAT and SONAR are developing, within the framework of Horizon2020 funded EU projects, high-throughput screening methods for the efficient search of new active materials for future organic redox flow batteries.

At the one-day workshop, presentations on “Screening of flow battery couples at the atomic / molecular level” and “Assessment of flow battery opportunities at the cell and system level” were given by project participants from both projects in the morning. In the afternoon, Dr. Astrid MaaƟ from the SONAR project presented the development status of the high-throughput screening method currently under development using the RedoxFox demonstrator and discussed its industrial application. Furthermore, a panel discussion with different participants from academia and industry took place on the topic “Opportunities for international collaborations”. Finally, the workshop ended with a poster session with results from the two projects COMPBAT and SONAR. The workshop was attended by about 50 participants from a variety of countries around the world.