Schaefer und Wunsch real estates Pforzheim – nearly 4000€ cost demand with move out

We had lived in Pforzheim until 2021 in a very cheap rental apartment, managed by Schaefer and Wunsch Immobilien (for Raff Immobilien) to save costs. The rental apartment was on a very low level, with many defects. For example, the elevator did not work for months, so that later, even when we moved out, we had additional costs of a few hundred euros to use a specially ordered outdoor elevator. On the day of the move, of course, the elevator did not work. Likewise, the landlord also did not take care of the maintenance of the smoke detectors. On a letter by registered mail with the request! for repair of a defective smoke detector Schaefer and desire never answered. The bottom line is that they basically never responded to my letters.

When I moved out, they complained about painted doors, although painting the doors was agreed in the lease and the doors were so unsightly, old and damaged that it had to be done. I also relied on the word of the person when I took over the apartment that the doors could be painted.

It was exactly these doors that were criticized when we moved out, that is, when we handed over the apartment. The handover took place almost a week before the end of the lease and no opportunity was given to remove this alleged defect. In the handover protocol, “Is still to be clarified” was noted. What this was supposed to mean became clear later. Furthermore, the next tenant was already waiting for the handover of the keys, so that it could be assumed that the apartment was directly rented on. Some months later, directly before the period of limitation came a letter of the real estate management Schaefer and desire real estates in Pforzheim:

Schaefer und Wunsch Immobilien aus Pforzheim Rechnung über fast 4000€ nach Auszug

It should be said that this was the only letter for now and no offer from any carpentry was attached. So it is not even clear what was to be paid for. At this point it was clear to assign our lawyer for tenancy law with this case.

A lot more has happened at the moment, but I will write about it only after some delay to document this.

Just a few days later, there was mail again. This time from an ominous Mrs. or Mr. Dunning Department.

Schaefer und Wunsch Immobilien Pforzheim Mahnung über ~2800€
Schaefer and Wunsch Real Estate Pforzheim reminder for ~2800€

Note the different dates (Pl. date)! Firstly, someone is in a hurry and secondly, the due date is not correct. Above the 8.10. was mentioned. But no matter. With this letter was still not clear why we should pay ~2800€ and our deposit of almost 1000€. It was simply times a demand and here also immediately reminded. It goes on…

Only a few days later we received another letter, this time from a lawyer. This time they showed mercy and wanted to have only 2000€ from us if we pay quickly. And fast means very fast. Not to forget is still the deposit of almost 1000€. So we should pay for, yes for what actually, still almost 3000€.

From this point, our lawyer finally responded with deadline.